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Corrugated Boxes

If you are an eCommerce seller (Online Seller, Flipkart Seller, Amazon Seller) or a manufacturer or a distributor, this is the best place for you to Purchase your Environment Friendly Green Corrugated Box Online.

We sell a commendable array of Specialized Carton Box, Mono Carton, Packing Carton, Kraft Paper Box, Printed Carton, Laminated Carton, and Custom Box, Cardboard Box, Bubble Wrap etc.

Manufacturing Of Paper Corrugated Box.

Corrugated Box Manufacturers In DelhiOur Carton Box Manufacturing Unit is well equipped with modern and sophisticated machines like Super Specialized Die Cutting Machine, Triple Bar Pasting Machine, 36 Inch Stitching Machine, 46 Inch Corrugation Machine, 52 Inch Board Cutter, etc. 

With the help of Die Cutting and the Punching machine, production of cardboard box becomes fast and reliable.

Buy Corrugated Box Online.

  Packaging Box We very well understand the packaging needs of various industries like Pharmaceutical, online seller, Confectionery, Home Care, Personal Care, and Automobiles, etc. All the raw materials we use are export-grade and of marvelous quality.

Not only large potential customers, but we can also even cater to smaller quantities to niche markets by our ready-made stock cartons, corrugated rolls, and packaging box in different sizes & structures.


For your requirement of custom sizes and designs of cardboard boxes. we can provide a variety of designs and printing on various quality of Duplex and Kraft Papers, which gives a unique and logical look to your product packaging and branding.

We have some available sizes which you can sort according to your packaging needs. Click here: PACKAGING BOX

We understand all aspects of the packaging industry and have long proven customer care and quality assurance program that meets the highest industry standards.

We want your packaging experience with us to be satisfying, so you will be a return customer and hopefully recommend us to others.

Corrugated Box Types:

* 3 Ply Corrugated Box is also known as Single Wall Corrugated Box.

* 5 Ply Corrugated Box is also known as Double Wall Corrugated Box.

* 7 Ply Corrugated Box is also known as Triple Wall Corrugated Box.


Shipping box are durable, cost effective and sustainable.

They provide a high strength to weight ratio making them versatile and cost effective.

So be it for office or business needs or for your home, our boxes are sure to find an application in your search for packaging box.

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Die-Cut Cardboard Sheet that can be folded to make Boxes.

It is the ultimate desire of almost all the organizations to present their products uniquely in order to make them distinguished in the competition with the rival brands.

This types of packaging box are used in Mailing, Shoe Packaging, Printed Cardboard Box, Online Selling. (like Amazon Packaging, Flipkart Packaging, Ecommerce Courier Website)

printed boxes

Amazon Packaging Box, We provide all kinds of Printed Boxes, like Offset Printing, Flexo Printing, Screen Printing.

Printed Boxes look awesome and helps in promoting your Brand.

Most of the people in these days are brand conscious and prefer one brand over all the others.


Buy Top quality Corrugated Carton

Quality and Service is our company’s top priority. We ensure to deliver the best quality of boxes to you. The finishing of our boxes is of perfect world-class quality.

In terms of service, we deliver goods in stipulated time. We are Corrugated Box Maker.

Buy Corrugated Box Online

We provide on-time delivery of corrugated packaging box to you.

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Printed Corrugated Packaging Box

We have many types of printing solutions for any kind of Corrugated Packaging Box.

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Customized Shipping Box

With the help of Die cutting Machine, We can manufacture any shape and size of Corrugated Packaging Box.The best way to impress the customers is to influence their minds in a positive way with the help of custom packaging.

Laminated Packaging Carton

Lamination gives a premium look to Corrugated Box. We have all types of Lamination.
Product display and presentation is the first thing a consumer notices before making the buying decision.

Corrugated Roll
Corrugated Roll

What are the features of Corrugated Rolls? Supplied in ‘endless’ corrugated roll format up to 200m Supplied in a range of widths 400mm to 2400mm The soft inner liner provides board elasticity High-quality print available 100% recyclable

Slipper Boxes
Slipper Boxes

About Slipper Box The Slipper is a type of sandal, typically worn as a form of daily casual wear. They consist of a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap known as a toe thong that passes between the first and second toes and a [...]

Buy 3 Ply Bottom Lock Box 7 x 4 x 4
Buy 3 Ply Bottom Lock Box 7 x 4 x 4

Single Wall - 3 Ply boxes have a single fluted medium sandwiched between two sheets of paper. single-wall boxes are suitable for the majority of light-weight items being packed or stored. If you’re sending items through the transport or railwa [...]

Buy 5 Ply Carton Box 12x9x11
Buy 5 Ply Carton Box 12x9x11

Ideal for Packaging, Shipping, Storing, Moving, Packing, Home Shifting, and Books for up to medium loads, etc. Material : 5 Ply Carton Box || Size : 12 inches X 9 inches X 11 inches (L X W X H) Eco-Friendly: Reusable and 100% Recyclable | Ensu [...]

Buy 3 Ply Carton Box 12x9x11
Buy 3 Ply Carton Box 12x9x11

Ideal for Packaging, Shipping, Storing, Moving, Packing, Home Shifting, and Books for up to medium loads, etc. Material : 3 Ply Corrugated Board || Size : 12 inches X 9 inches X 11 inches (L X W X H) Eco-Friendly: Reusable and 100% Recyclable [...]

Buy 3 Ply Corrugated Box 18x12x12
Buy 3 Ply Corrugated Box 18x12x12

Size: 18 Inches * 12 Inches * 12 Inches, 3 Ply Corrugated Box Strength: Made from high GSM Paper, the Corrugated Boxes from AaradhyaBox have a high strength rate and can be used for heavy packaging too Reuse and Recycle: These boxes from Aarad [...]

Buy 3 Ply Custom Box
Buy 3 Ply Custom Box

Single Wall - 3 Ply boxes have one fluted medium sandwiched between two sheets of paper. Single wall boxes are suitable for the majority of lightweight items being packed or stored. If you’re sending items through the courier, single wall boxe [...]

Buy 5 Ply Corrugated Box 18 x 12 x 12
Buy 5 Ply Corrugated Box 18 x 12 x 12

Double Wall - 5 Ply boxes have a double fluted medium sandwiched between triple sheets of paper. Double-wall boxes are suitable for the majority of heavy-weight items being packed or stored. If you’re sending items through the transport or rai [...]

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To become one of the preferential market options, we have been engrossed in the realm of presenting to our clients an extensive variety of Paper Packaging Box, Cartons and Mono Box.

We understand how critical your packaging boxes can be to your business.

Cartons damaged in transit incurs costs and upsets customers, which is why we always strive to offer the highest quality of Packaging Box, Carton and Packing Box.

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Environment Friendly Cardboard packaging boxes are commonly used for packaging; however, it is corrugated box that are mostly used for shipping purposes, especially when the item in question is fragile.

These types of boxes are more durable than cardboard box elevating the worry that your goods will be damaged during shipping.

Corrugated packaging box are widely used in every industry due to the box’s high quality and safety. Also known as brown boxes, these boxes are eco-friendly.They are usually made with the fibrous pulp that is derived from tree extract. 

If you are a company looking for cheaper and durable than average shipping options, corrugated boxes are your best option since they are made of recycled cardboard boxes. This is both cost-saving and environmental friendly.

They handle pressure and can be stacked up for easy and economic transporting. They are also safe and easy to use since they do not have sharp edges.

They are designed to be very strong. Most of the shipping is done in bundle format, meaning that the boxes will have to handle diverse sizes, shapes, and levels of pressure from diverse items being shipped along with them.

The corrugated boxes are made of corrugated paper which is a paper that contains rows of air columns. The columns make the paper stronger than usual stiff cardboard and the air acts as a cushion.

The ridges that are in the corrugated boxes are varied to offer varying amounts of strength and flexibility as is required for the intended use of the package.

What are the benefits of Corrugated Packaging Boxes?

1. Maximum Protection
Packaging boxes are very strong. They act as a perfect cushion for the product that they are carrying during shipping and handling. The corrugated packaging box size can vary according to the size of the product.

 Corrugated cardboard can be made to keep moisture and bacteria away from the products within, this is very important for food products that have to withstand long shipping times.

2. Easy to Customize
They are easy to customize. In terms of size and printing, you can have your box manufacturer design custom box designed according to your requirements.

3. Cost-Effective and Sustainable
These boxes are the most inexpensive packaging options in the market. They don’t require high labor costs or any costly tools to manufacture the boxes. Apart from that, corrugated packaging cardboard is quite easy to recycle.

4. Great For Branding
The Corrugated packaging box material can be customized to help you with your company’s branding and brand awareness. Custom branding is a great way to impress your customers because it looks more professional and means business.

 You can also choose to give your boxes a personal touch which is bound to earn the loyalty of your customers and keep them coming back for more.

5. Biodegradable
They are made up of 80-90% recycled material, making it one of the most environment-friendly packing materials available. Corrugated packaging boxes are also quite easy to recycle, and dispose of as most corrugated boxes are made of paper.

6. Light Weight
If you happen to manufacture or transport heavy products then you probably don’t want to increase the weight and shipping cost of your products with heavy packaging, right?

 This is where corrugated boxes are advantageous as they are very strong and very lightweight. Being lightweight also makes them very convenient for shoppers, particularly if they aren’t charged extra for shipping without having to compromise on the safety of their products.

7. Recyclable and Reusable
Corrugated cardboard packaging is one of the most highly recycled materials on the planet. The packaging boxes can also be folded up and packed away for reuse when needed.

8. Offer Flexibility
Corrugated packaging boxes can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and can either be single, double or even triple-walled for more protection. 

Corrugated packaging boxes can be used to pack a lot of different products making them one of the most flexible packaging options in the market.


The paper corrugated box are popularly and extensively used for industrial and domestic goods packaging. These are of different sizes, thicknesses and strengths depending on the products to be packed and the shipping time.

The boxes are made up of corrugated paper that is different from the rigid paper called as cardboard. The boxes are used to store things to protect them from damage.

Boxes can be printed with important information on them about what is inside or how to carry or move them. It is carefully designed to insert, store items in place so they won’t spill or be damaged.

Steps in Paper Box Building


Corrugating machine is designed to do the continuous process which brings together three, five or seven sheets of paper to form single, double or triple wall corrugated board. Strongboxes can be made from different layers like 3 ply or 5 ply of flutes.

The first thing is to make pasting gum made by mixing dry corn starch with water and other chemicals and push it into the corrugator to spread on the corrugated medium as the layers of liner are added.

 A box can be made by the corrugated board on a sequence of connected machines called a corrugating line.

1) Corrugation -The corrugator are fed with reels of paper. The paper is hardened with heat which is passed between corrugating rolls. This process gives the paper a flute shape (zig-zag wavy layer) in the single facer.

The roll of paper is pulled between a pair of gear like cylinders called corrugating rolls. This forms the paper into a series of particular zig-zag waves.

Glue is applied to the tips of the flutes on one side at the right place and the flute tips are pressed against a flat liner. This creates a corrugated board, i.e., a continuous sheet of flat paper with fluted paper glued to it.

The corrugated board is so stiff that it cannot be rolled up; this is cut into flat sheets as per the required size to make the boxes. 

The corrugated board is then arranged and pressed aside so the glue can dry properly and after that, it is sent for the next process. 

2) Printing – An offset printing machine is used to print with bright color ink. Use graphic designs for self-supporting display a feature like company name, logo, product information, etc.

3) Die-Cutting – Die cutting is used to cut or punch out the size and shape of corrugated box desired 

4) Stitching – Stitching is used to connect the lap and the end of the sheet of a corrugated container with a steel or copper wire.

5) Gluing – Gluing is like stitching but resign adhesive issued instead of metal wire. Finally, the packed or bundled boxes are ready for shipping.

Quality Control

Quality assurance and quality checks are the part and parcel of every sub-stage of the process. The process starts with the supplier who supplies the Kraft paper which is used to make corrugated cardboard. 

Kraft paper should be smooth and strong. The main process starts from the corrugation, where the paper is passed through the corrugator and is made into box boards. The individual boards are pulled from the heap and checked.

The quality check measures the moisture in the liner and medium. In the manufacturing process, the quality test is determined by ensuring the glue strength, bursting strength, compression, and highly accurate dimensions. 

The flatness of the boxboard is tested by the warp test which assures that each board will travel easily through the machines.

The workers run batches of box boards through the machines where individual boxes are pulled for quality check, i.e., for trimming, cutting, printing the color, and bundling.

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