Layes of Corrugated Boxes

Different Structures/Layers of Corrugated Boxes

The term corrugated means a sinusoidal wave-like structure that is formed using appropriate machines. The folds thus formed are called “flutes”. There are many types of flutes out of which A, B and E are widely used in the Indian market.

Corrugated boxes are made of corrugated fiber-boards. These boards are made in 3-ply, 5-ply, 7-ply, etc. structures. The more layers, the higher will be the strength of the box. Let’s understand how different structures:

The top-most board is a 3-ply structure, as we can see the three layers of paper used to form the board. The base and top flat surfaces are called “liners” while the sandwiched-wave-like layer is called “flute”

Middle-board is a 5-ply structure with two types of flutes built-in to address the safety needs of containment of box.

The lower board is a 7-ply structure with three different flutes combined all-together which are made according to the material which is being shipped in corrugated boxes made of these boards.

Corrugated boxes are widely used and re-used across the world.

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