1. Is corrugated boxes the best material for Packaging?

    Mailer Box

    Yes! Corrugated boxes are lighter and less expensive than alternative materials, such as plastic, wood, and metal—plus it is 100% recyclable.

    Unlike other types of boxes, corrugated boxes fold flat for storing and shipping, saving you money and floor space.

    Corrugated is strong enough to stack, resistant to impact and vibration, and it can cushion and protect your products during shipping.

    Corrugated Box manufacturers in Delhi

  2. Can my logo be printed on my Boxes?

    Printed Boxes

    Yes! We can print your logo and product information directly on boxes.

  3. Do you have a minimum order requirement?

    We do have a minimum order size for delivery. Please get in touch with us for additional information.

  4. How is printing done on boxes?

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    We use 4 color offset machine or screen printing for printing corrugated boxes.

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  5. How much additional tax on boxes?

    GST is on the Box Price, it is 18% for the boxes and 12% for Corrugated Rolls.

  6. What is the HSN Code for Corrugated Cartons?

    The HSN Code of the corrugated box is 4819.

  7. Who owns Aaradhya Enterprises?

    Aaradhya Enterprises is a proprietorship firm owned by Mr. Pradeep Agarwal.

  8. How to contact Aaradhya Enterprises?


    You can contact us at our email id: aaradhyabox@gmail.com or call us at + 91 83769 56929. For more information kindly visit: https://aaradhyabox.in/contact-us-for-corrugated-box/

  9. Address of Aaradhya Enterprises?

    Subhash Park Matiala,
    Near Balaji Cable,
    Uttam Nagar,
    Delhi, 110059


    Aaradhya Enterprises In Delhi

  10. Nearest Metro Station to reach Aaradhya Enterprises?

    1. Nawada Metro Station.
    2. Dwarka Sector- 13 Metro Station.

  11. Products manufactured by Aaradhya Enterprises?

    List of the Products:
    1. Plain Corrugated Boxes
    2. 3 Ply Carton
    3. 5 Ply Carton
    4. 7 Ply Carton
    5. Printed Carton
    6. Laminated Boxes
    7. Mono Cartons
    8. Die Cat Corrugated Boxes
    9. Duplex Cardboard Boxes
    10. Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

  12. How to Measure Shipping Boxes

    packaging box manufacturer

    Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H)
    Exterior Dimensions.

  13. Things About eCommerce Ready Packaging?

    E-commerce packaging usually refers to packaging that is used to ship products directly to customers.

    The core reason e-commerce ready packaging is vital is because it safeguards what you are trying to sell, which in essence, is a quite simple objective. Shipping and distribution would be a stress-free process for your business, and you would have a slew of happy customers that receive their products undamaged and ready to be used.

    Further, well-protected products lend significant value to your brand. There is no risk involving refunds and exchanges, and it makes a strong impression that serves your brand well overall.

  14. How to Opt for the Correct E-Commerce Product Packaging?

    The first task of packaging material is protected, if products arrive damaged, your customers will not like them and you will have to deal with more returns. You will require sturdy packaging as an exterior layer and filling material within.

    Your packaging selection will also play a huge part in how you charge for shipping. For instance, a leading online shop packages its layer cake compactly to make it fit in the majority of mailboxes and letter slots. It saves expenses and the customer does not have to be at home when the parcel is to be delivered.

  15. Reasons Corrugated Packaging Boxes Will Be The Future

    Corrugated packaging has been there since 1817, more than 2 centuries ago. Since then, known by multiple names, this cardboard box has come a long way from being first used as proper packaging for cereal boxes.

    Corrugated packaging has always been popular, and the demand for corrugated boxes was supposed to be in $176 billion by 2019. This suggests there will be an increase in trend only.

    Be it your product packaging or point-of-purchase displays, cardboard is rapidly turning out to be the go-to option. The global market for corrugated box packaging is said to achieve a growth rate of 4.8% in 2020.

    The reasons for this high growth in the usage of this paperboard are multiple. Markets all over the globe are going green, and sustainability is suddenly a big trend. As compared to plastic packaging, cardboard is recyclable and biodegradable. Also, today consumers are more likely to go for products having environmental benefits.

    Another point behind the steep rise in corrugated packaging is the growth of the e-commerce industry. Thus, the demand for corrugated packaging for shipments has grown in relation to this.

  16. What is the contact number of Aaradhya Box (Aaradhya Enterprises).

    +91 8376956929