Pizza Box in Delhi

pizza box in delhi

Product packaging is the first impression of the brands and products on their potential customers. Attractive packaging design can attract the customers to get the product or sometimes after the purchasing it plays the role to build customer ship.

When we consider the packing of the food or a pizza, then it’s a challenging task as well, because your pizza package should be realistic, easy to carry and comfortable enough to keep the pizza fresh until consumed.

Pizza packaging comes in every size, trendy colors, brand logo, and easy to handle and carrying properties make it the customer’s choice.

A beautifully printed pizza package gives a good impression of the brand on the customer’s eye, and they feel good about the brand and the product.

Stability and stackability

220px Pizzakarton Traditional.svg Pizza Box in Delhi

The traditional way of folding a pizza box

Most packaging for the transport of pizzas is made of cardboard, as this is both cheap, easy to work with and lightweight while maintaining adequate structural integrity to hold and deliver pizzas.

Both solid fibreboard and single wall corrugated board are used.

The corrugated cardboard in use is often of the E flute size (micro or fine waves with a flute pitch of 1.0 to 1.8 mm), but thicker B flute cardboard with a flute pitch of 2.2 to 3.0 mm are also used.

Not only the geometric construction of the cardboard determines the stability of the box, but also especially the type of paper and its grammage. For the liner mostly containerboard is used on the inside of the box.

This does not only make the box stable, it becomes more resistant against humidity and oil as well.

To reduce the space needed to store the packaging to a minimum, the pizza boxes are folded just before use out of flat blanks.

The required storage space depends very much on the different thickness of the material.

The pizza saver is often criticized for being a waste of resources as it is only used once and then thrown away. For this reason, ideas for their reuse are being developed.

Creative design: for the printed pizza packaging must choose the unique and different designs which help to communicate with the customers.

Like it’s for all age groups to make it simple, attractive, and colorful, do not just go with the simple plain cardboard packaging.

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