3 ply corrugated box

Size Chart and Price List

Bottom Lock Box
Bottom Lock Box Type
Size Chart and Price List 1
Mailer Box Type
3 ply corrugated box
RSC- Regular Slotted Carton

Corrugated Boxes comes in many shapes and sizes. At present we have mentioned our all the sizes for which we already have Die. So that no extra cost is incurred if you order from this list.

We are not limited to this list of shape and size, for any other size and shape not mentioned in the list you can freely contact us. We would be glad to guide you and provide you with your custom shape and size of boxes.

Quantity is no bar here, but as we are a manufacturing company more the quantity lesser the price would be.

For custom shape we will require the sample of box as it is or the die line. You can contact us on Whatsapp below is the link.

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