Corrugated Boxes

What is the Hsn Code for Corrugated Boxes

Hsn Code for Corrugated Box is 4819.

HSN stands for ‘Harmonized System Nomenclature.’ The WCO (World Customs Organization) developed it as a multipurpose international product nomenclature that first came into effect in 1988 with the vision of facilitating the classification of goods all over the World in a systematic manner.

After introduction of GST in India, it is now mandatory to put hsn code in bills.

Gst rate for Packaging Boxes is 18%

Gst rate for Corrugated Roll is 12%

Cardboard is more amazing than you ever have realized. It comes in several forms and plays a pivotal role in keeping your lives neat and orderly, assists keep food fresh and your products safe. This can be reused and remixed in interesting ways and has made your life a whole lot easier as well.

Since cardboard is light in weight, rigid, and economical to manufacture, it dramatically reduces shipping costs and allows consumers have bigger access to goods without having to leave their homes or pay high shipping fees. Additionally, cardboard boxes are easy to assemble, disassemble, and seal. Before the 1900s, heavy wooden crates were used to transport goods, which lower down on the number of goods that could be transported at once. For this logic, cardboard packaging has been a boon to the industry, as well.

Just when everyone agrees that unwrapping and tearing into a box is a fun experience. Why? Because they take longer to open, gift boxes create a sense of intrigue and anticipation. This basic concept has also transformed the marketing and advertising industries. With the arrival of cardboard, company logos, attractive graphics, and product information could be printed onto cardboard packaging with complete. For many buyers, well-designed packaging not only saves products but it also separates good brands from their competitors.